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Making the Most of Your Team: The "I" in Team

We've all heard the phrase "There is no "I" in team". Actually, there is - YOU! If you lead a team, you are its most important component and success or failure rests and depends upon you. I've challenged many a leader to look in the mirror and see how their actions or inaction might be contributing to the very things they complain about.

Whether you inherited a team because of a role transition or desire to inject new life into your current team, following are some steps you can take to motivate and inspire your team to peak performance.

1. Know what they know...or don't know. How well do they understand their purpose and direction, roles and expectation? What are their priorities?

2. Know who they are ...individually. What do you know about each team member's background, goals, accomplishments or organizational contributions? Do you know what motivates them?

3. Know how they are ... collectively. What are their strengths? What causes strife within the group?

Team success starts with you, the "I" in your team. What will you do this week to take a step towards a more motivated and productive team?
Share what you will do by clicking the comment link below, then come back and tell us how things changed for you. We'd love to hear from you!

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