Making a Change? Assess, Then Act
Making the Most of Your Team: The "I" in Team

Overwhelmed and Under Prepared? Examine the Facts!

You just accepted a new job, new role or expanded responsibilities within your current position. You try to make everything a priority so nothing becomes a priority and you find yourself scattered and stressed. Unfortunately, this scenario describes many leaders transitioning into new roles. Can you relate?

No matter which situation describes the reason for your overwhelm and confusion, you'll benefit by putting a microscope on your company or department's culture, industry and current business situation so you can better prioritize and make the most impact with the least effort. This exercise is an important element of any structured leadership onboarding program.

Following are three steps you can take to gain a better understanding about your company and its current situation so you can streamline your efforts.

1. Create a checklist to learn about your organization and its culture. Obtain copies of mission/value statements, business plans or performance objectives. Research the industry. Interview key employees to learn informal and formal channels of influence. What is the group culture like? How do decisions REALLY get made?

2. Outline your direct areas of responsibility. What projects, processes and people groups are your responsibility? What is the status of each (e.g. well-oiled machine, needs minor repairs or needs an overhaul)?

3. Design a prioritized action plan with your new knowledge and determine to follow it.

It is possible to make a change and have some control over the process. It just takes a little intentionality ... and a little knowledge.

How well do you know your entity's challenges, how your company really works, communicates and makes decisions? What has been your experience in role transitions?

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