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Survive the Role Transition: Be Strategic

Hire 'em and Leave 'em: A Recipe for Failure

Think about the last time you took a new job or hired/promoted someone into a new management position. What was the experience like for you? Chances are the orientation process consisted of no more than completing some paperwork and taking an office tour of the most important spots in the building...the restroom, break room and the supply closet.

If you can relate to this scenario you are not alone. Most companies tend to hire new managers and quickly leave them to fend for themselves.

Most companies set up their new hires for failure rather than success.

Did you know that...

  • 46% of leaders in new roles will FAIL within 18 months?
  • 25% of top performers will likely leave your company within the next year.
  • Replacing employees costs YOUR company 3 times their annual salary?
  • On average it takes 6.2 months for a newly-positioned leader to become productive?
  • A primary reason leaders fail in their new roles is improper induction?

No one wants to feel the stress of failure and in our current economic times no one can afford to throw resources away on new leaders who might have succeeded had they been properly invested in from the beginning.

Successful leadership role transitions are possible with the right process. Stay tuned for an upcoming serious highlighting our accelerated role transition process and get helpful tips to get on track fast in a new role ... or to build a better foundation in your current role. 


Can't wait for the series? If you lack a formal induction process or you just got hired and were left to fend for yourself, click here for information on how you can reduce stress and still make an impact to get the results you desire.