Handbook for 2010: Thoughtful Thursday
The Journey to Authentic Leadership: Examine Your Story

How Self Aware Are You? -->Thoughtful Thursday

Leaders are at their best when they lead authentically and self-knowledge plays a significant role in leadership effectiveness. My favorite moments as an executive coach are those "Aha" moments when my clients realize that others see their behavior different than they do!

Today's Thoughtful Thursday quote to ponder comes from one of my favorite books on coaching leaders, "Coaching Leaders" by Daniel White, p. 109. Consider the following:

"Leaders with low self-awareness are limited to their instinctual reactions and to habitual, often unconscious, and possible ineffective patterns."


  • How aware are you of the way others view the world...and you? How do you know how aware you are?
  • Who is in your life who can give you objective feedback as to how you come across to the world?
  • When was the last time someone shared an unbiased perspective about you to you?
  • What ineffective pattern or instinctual reaction can you stop today?

Coaching increases self awareness and correction of those ineffective patterns.  Contact me today for a free consultation to discuss how assessments and coaching might increase your effectiveness!