Looking Within: Thoughtful Thursday
The Best Worst Speech: Thoughtful Thursday

A Salute to Everyday Courage

My coaching clients are some of the most courageous people I know. While they don't typically put themselves in physical danger like police officers, firefighters or military personnel, they put themselves at risk every day by taking on new challenges and stepping out of their comfort zones.
I admire them. Every day.
My clients risk:
  • realizing that the truth they thought they knew really wasn't true.
  • facing surprised reactions from others to behavior changes they've made.
  • learning that they may really be the cause of their own issues.
  • losing sleep because of excitement over new possibilities.
Every day I encourage someone to do things differently than they've ever done before. All of my clients rise to the occasion, and for that I salute them. Additionally, I'm consistently challenged to improve and reflect because of them.
My clients' courage to go for their goals at all costs inspires me. When I hear of their successes, I smile from ear to ear...and then ask myself "What will YOU challenge yourself with this week?".
People who hire coaches are willing to risk the comfort of the status quo for the hope of a better tomorrow. They are courageous. How courageous are you?