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Thoughtful Thursday: Does Time Alone Heal?

Taking time to ponder the deeper meaning of life eludes many of us in the fast past culture of our day. To encourage us all (me included) to reflect a little more, I'm starting a new weekly feature here at Purposeful Leadership entitled "Thoughtful Thursday".

Each week will feature a short thought or quote, followed by some questions to promote further thinking. This week's thought comes from a new friend I had coffee with yesterday whom I met via Linked-In.

"Time does not heal, it simply passes. What we do with the time we have determines how and to what extent we heal." -Lucy DelSarto, Wellness Coach


  • What recent hurt still distracts you?
  • What have you done to promote healing in your life with respect to this hurt?
  • What do you need to accept or know to move past the hurt?

Care to share your thoughts? If so, please leave a comment below.