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Need a Solution? Coaching May Be Your Answer

You probably need a coach but don't realize you do.

Generally speaking, people are more apt to know what they don't want rather than what they do want. If they did, they would spend more time and energy creating their ideal situation than complaining about their reality. This behavioral trait pervades our careers, our relationships and any environment where we find ourselves complaining.

It is a rare individual who knows what he wants and takes steps to get it, especially if the steps require long-term effort. Additionally, a lot of us aren't aware how much our reality differs from THE reality. We all have our own version of how we are the "American Idol" when reality is that the people around us just won't tell us how bad we "sing".

Today I'm providing a checklist for you to consider whether or not you or someone you know needs a coach.  In no particular order, a coach may be the solution if...

  1. You feel stagnated or lack motivation.
  2. You are overworked and overwhelmed.
  3. You consistently face obstacles to achieving your goals.
  4. You just got promoted.
  5. You hate your situation.
  6. You know you are a great leader but others don't seem to think so.
  7. You constantly fight "fires" of interruptions & emergencies.
  8. You need more skills or resources to get the "job" done. 
  9. You have no idea how your today will impact your tomorrow.
  10. You covet someone else's job more than your own.

If you or someone you know is in any of the above situations, coaching might be the solution if there is a willingness to leave the excuses behind and proactively take charge of the situation. Coaching works when we do the work.

Now its your turn to respond. What would you add to my list? If you've used a coach in any way, how has coaching helped you? Leave your comment by clicking the comment link below.

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