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Lead Change: Become a Status Quo Buster

...the opportunity to "change the business-as-usual environment" is the fertile soil for leadership. - Kouzes & Posner, The Leadership Challenge, p. 47

Leaders challenge the status quo. Leaders forge ahead, taking their followers through uncharted waters, encouraging them along the way with a vision of success...and less "pain". Opportunities to bust the status quo are definitely fertile soil for leadership. I've personally found this to be true throughout my career.

I am no stranger to initiating change. With the exception of my first job, I've consistently been called upon to make things better because the organization's growth had outgrown their processes. How many times have you heard the phrase "But we've always done it this way?"  I've heard it too many times to count.

Newsflash: What got you here will get you more of the same. How is the "same" working for you?

Consider the following questions to identify ripe leadership opportunities:

  • What makes you angry where you are?
  • What repetitive complaints come to mind?
  • What processes can be automated to save time?

Address these issues with strategic action plans and you will make lots of people happy! Keep the end in mind and embrace the learning process.

Leaders are comfortable making people uncomfortable while striving to making things better. Leaders lead change when appropriate, not for the sake of it. Great leaders bust the status quo for the greater good and are sensitive to their people through the process. What has been your experience with change? Share it below.

What change will you make today?

As a professional coach I help people every day to make changes in their personal and professional lives. If you need help making some changes, coaching may be the status quo buster for you. Contact me for a complimentary consultation.