Little Things Make Big Impacts
How Thick Is Your Lense of Self?

Your Body Speaks: What is it Saying To You?

Knowing our body's language is key to effective leadership. Outwardly, our body language communicates to others. Inwardly, our body speaks to us through our emotions. How well we understand what our emotions say impacts our level of success in many facets of life. How well do you understand your body's language?
From my own personal experience in Corporate America as well as from discussions with other executive/leadership coaches, I've learned that self-awareness is probably the most lacking essential leadership skill among top-level leaders. Self-awareness is the ability to perceive your emotions in the moment and understand your tendencies in all types of situations.
In essence, self-awareness is understanding your own body's language! Why is this important? Because self-awareness leads to better self-management. Excellent self-management skills translate into higher Emotional Intelligence (EQ) and more success at home and in the workplace. Unfortunately, most people don't take the time to get to know themselves through adequate self-examination.
One way to increase your self-awareness is through professional assessments from a qualified distributor. Utilizing a personal coach along with the assessments will help you learn even more in "real time" and move forward with what you learn.
Remember, emotions aren't bad. They are just your body's language. Learn your language and see how much more effective you can be.

What are your thoughts about emotions? 

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