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Little Things Make Big Impacts

Have you ever thought about how much the little things you do impact someone else's opinion of you? For better or for worse, the little things matter and send more of a message than you may realize. 
First, let's take a look at one common mistake many people make - that of mispelling someone's name. I can relate to this one personally because more often than not, I find my name spelled wrong on websites, correspondence, meeting agendas, nametags and even speaking engagement announcements. 
A misspelled name might convey any or all of the following messages to the person whose name is misspelled:

  1. You don't care enough to get it right.
  2. You aren't capable of getting it right.
  3. You might not get other things right.

How often do people correct you regarding spelling errors of this nature? Keep in mind that fewer people correct you than the number of mistakes you make!
Can you see how such a seemingly small thing might have huge implications to your personal and professional relationships? What other examples can you think of where a small mistake might communicate a bigger problem? What should you change to leave a better impression?
On the flip side of mistakes, encouraging words,  kind gestures and getting details correct,  leave lasting positive impressions. We can be seen as outstanding by merely being proactive in getting the little things right.
We are all in the people business whether we realize it or not.  They are watching, listening...and thinking. What do you want them to think about you?