Body Language and Leadership
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Values, Time and Energy

168 hours are in a week. Nor more, no less. That's all the time any of us have each week to work, play, eat, sleep and interact with others. How do you determine how you spend your time? Is the way you spend your time draining or energizing to you?

A few days ago I discussed the importance of core values, those 3-5 beliefs that are our "habits of the heart", and provided a tool to help you determine your values. Core values are foundational to making the most out of a 168 hour week.

Once you know your core values, it is time to assess how well you are living them out each day at work or at home. I challenge you this week to:

  1. Pick one core value and create a goal that will allow you to measure and observe how well you demonstrate this value by acting on it.
  2. Identify what, if anything is standing in your way of living that value and design a way to remove the obstacle.
  3. Commit to reaching your goal!

Then...let me know how you did you on your "assignment".  I'd love to hear about your progress and what you discover about yourself.  Learn to make the most of each day, it will be worth the effort.