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The Power of Planning

Time management experts claim that for every 1 minute of planning we save 10 minutes in execution. That means if we only spent 12 minutes each day planning our days, we would save two hours in wasted time per day. How much planning do you do? Do you plan your days, weeks, months or years?

Thinking about planning and efficiency brings to mind my experiences when I visit a new health club without a plan. I become quickly intimidated by all of the equipment, piddle around on some machines, wander around the rest of the time and leave early because of my frustration. In this case, much mental anguish and wasted time would have been eliminated with a premeditated plan of attack!

When we lay down a track to run on through adequate planning, we can sprint through our tasks rather than wander around in them. Thoughtful planning creates confidence and efficiency. Planning facilitates progress.

My challenge to you is to spend some time this month to plan your upcoming week and your individual days. Create a list of things to be done. Scrutinize your list by asking yourself how each item on your list fits into your long-term plans. Work from your list and stay on task! Then, notice how much time you save!

What ways do you use to plan and manage your time? You may already know by now that I'm a GTD "groupee".  Let me know by clicking comments below what works for you and also what results you get from my challenge.

Happy planning!