The Power of Planning
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Living Through Uncertainty

We all face uncertainty in varying ways and degrees at some point in our lives. We can't go through life unscathed by it, but we can set ourselves apart from the crowd by how we manage things through it.

How do you react when your carefully thought out plans go awry, leaving you in the mire of uncertainty? Even though the economic outlook isn't as dismal as it was last October, many of us are still feeling the stress of uncertainty as we wade through more news of lost jobs and lost retirement funds, wondering what is on the horizon for tomorrow. Many of us still know of someone facing the possibility of losing their home.

Following are some strategies to consider when uncertainty crosses your path:

  • Redefine your definition of success. Do your current goals contain "excess" that could be eliminated and still leave you with a favorable outcome?
  • Reassess your current situation. Define your current reality so you can move forward with accurate information.
  • Realign your priorities based upon your new assessment. In other words, craft a workable "Plan B".
  • Remember the "big picture". Sometimes when framed objectively against a bigger reality, things don't appear as bad as they first seam.

Most importantly, don't forget that each new moment of our lives provides the opportunity to positively affect our future. What will you do with each moment?