Finding Purpose
Finding Contentment Through Authenticity

Testing Your Purpose

A good purpose statement pulls you towards it and resonates with your soul. It might even give you goose bumps as you ponder what might happen should you live it out. The thought of failing it might also invoke a sense of sadness.

In my last post I discussed discovering your purpose and how doing so is important to your life and leadership abilities. Have you written your life purpose or mission statement yet? If you have written or even considered your life purpose statement, it is time to put it to the test. Here are some questions to help you determine how well it fits you:

  • Do you feel a connection to it?
  • Do you desire to fulfill it?
  • Are you fulfilled when you act according to it?
  • Do your interests naturally gravitate toward fulfilling it?

My personal mission/purpose statement is to equip and empower others to achieve their full potential. In a way, it is something I have always done. When I think about how it could possibly be fulfilled, I do get goose bumps and get scared sometimes because I have big dreams! One of my favorite things to work on with my clients is in the discovery of life purpose. What is your dream?

Remember, your purpose statement is personal and you don't have to share it with anyone. However, if you know your purpose and intentionally live your life to fulfill it, others will take notice. You will have more energy with the clarity it provides. Hang on for the ride and enjoy the journey!

How has knowing your purpose changed your life? Please share by clicking the comment link below!