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Power of Purpose

What is purpose anyway? The search for purpose has become very popular these days.  But why is is so powerful when we find it?

Purpose is defined as:

  1. Something one intends to get or do; intention; aim.
  2. Resolution; determination.
  3. The object for which something exists or is done; end in view.

In the big picture of our lives, purpose can take the form of a "life purpose" or "calling"-that thing which we were born to do.  In the short term, living with purpose is simply making the most of our day to day choices in an effort to either be more productive or to live out our "purpose", keeping the end in mind. 

Either way you look at it, living with a sense of purpose provides an element of motivation to our lives. Purpose can be what makes us jump out of bed in the morning!

The power of purpose is that it facilitates change.

Purpose propels us forward and transforms an ordinary life into an exceptional life. In short, purpose drives progress.  What is your purpose?