Purposeful Leadership
Keys to Listening Well

Learning to Lead

Did you know that all of us were born to lead? All of us have someone who looks up to us in our unique spheres of influence. However, how many of us were ever taught how to lead?

I've been involved in a variety of leadership environments over the years, ranging from corporate to not-for-profit. Now that I am a trained coach, I wish I would have had the leadership skills then that I do now.

Coaching and leadership go hand in hand because coaching skills equate to good leadership skills. Consider the four primary skill competencies of a professional coach:

  1. Listening
  2. Creating Awareness/Asking Questions
  3. Planning/Goal Setting
  4. Managing Progress/Accountability

How can proficiency in these skills benefit you? How can you gain proficiency in these skills? First of all, start with a foundational skill and build upon it. Of course, you could always hire a coach!

My suggestion is to start with the foundational skill of listening.  Good coaching, leadership and relationships all start with good listening skills.  If we can listen well, we can set ourselves up for success with the rest.

What skills do you find are essential for good leadership?  Let us hear from you!