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Hiring Decisions in a Flooded Job Pool

Most managers have to make hiring decisions from time to time. In today's economy you would think that managers would be able to make better hiring decisions with so many unemployed people to pick from, wouldn't you? Wrong. Just because the perfect candidate is out there in the job market doesn't mean managers can spot them in the crowd.

So what makes hiring decisions so hard?  Bias! To here more about how to better select employees for your next job opening, check out this article at TTI, my assessment provider's blog, entitled "Flooded Candidate Pool, Still Making Wrong Hires?...Why?.

After you read the article, please come back and share some of your worst hiring mistakes!

I can honestly say that I wish I knew then when I was a manager what I know now as a coach and Value Added Associate for TTI. I am passionate about helping people find the best job fit for their personalitiy, skillset and passions. If you need help with your next hire, your own career decisions or redistributing and developing talent in your current organization, please contact me for a complimentary consultation.

Happy decision making!