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Body Language and Leadership

Your body speaks.  Do you know what it is saying to others? Don't get me wrong, words matter tremendously. However, if our body language betrays us, the perfect words have little effect.

Carol Kinsey Goman in her article "Body Language: Mastering the Silent Language of Leadership" says the following:

All leaders express enthusiasm, warmth and confidence as well as arrogance, indifference and displeasure through their facial expressions, gestures, touch and use of space. If an executive wants to be perceived as credible and forthright, her or she has to think "outside the speech" and recognize the importance of nonverbal communication.

She also mentions 5 key points that I think we should all keep in mind, whether we are executives or not:

  1. Watch those facial expressions.
  2. Talk with your hands if you know what they're saying.
  3. Show your whole body (get out from behind the lecturn)
  4. Don't go overboard.
  5. Align your words and your gestures.

Be sure check out the entire article for what she says about each of the above.

Do you have any tips you would like to share about expressing great nonverbal communication?  If so, click on the comment link below. 

Coach's Challenge: Pick out one of the items on the list above and practice it this week.  What do you notice about yourself?