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Power of Purpose

Authentic Living

"Sometimes the fear of finding out who we really are, underneath all our masks and defenses, causes us to resist being authentic." - Neil Clark Warren, Finding Contentment

Do you know who you truly are? If you know, are you living and leading accordingly? One of the most freeing things a person can do is to live according to their core values. Unfortunately, I've found through working with clients that most of us have never consciously worked with our values. Those who have may be unsure if their lives line up with them.

Core values are:

  • Those 3-5 beliefs or convictions worth so much to us that we can't live without them.
  • The reasons we do what we do, our "habits of the heart".

When our lives are out of alignment with our values (or when we live according to a value imposed upon us by someone else), we experience stress, frustration and discontentment. On the contrary, authenticity produces peace and fulfillment. What will you do or what have you done to obtain peace and fulfillment in your life?

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